Friday, May 06, 2005

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Sorry about the trouble getting in M and K...I will get to the bottom of it.

Here are my umbrella ideas:

1) "Come to the table" - this is a catch phrase and a call to action rolled into one. The network could use it to ask donors to join the cause, with the ring of what's behind the cause captured in the phrase. A table can be set in any fashion anywhere...this would work for disaster situations as well as an urban or rural setting...Imagery would be easy to create.

2) "Everybody Eats" - The sense here is that the need for food, the need to eat, is ubiquitous. A working poor person has the same nutritional needs as someone who is flush with cash. No group is favored or excluded, the cause of hunger relief is de-politicized. The phrase also works as a commitment, as in we in the network are determined that everyone will be fed.

I would be willing to adopt a Timothy White photo for the campaign, as long as the celebrity was dressed like Marie Antoinette.



At 10:31 AM, Blogger Robert said...

by that, I mean headless.


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